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Nancy Yarnall

 Acrylic Paintings  

Nancy Yarnall von Halle

University of the Arts, Phil. Pa. Bachelor Degree Fine Art
George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Corcoran School of Art, BBAdmin. Decorating Masters Institute Masters Degree

Art plants seeds into the psyche of the viewer and over time these ideas become the psyche of our society. It is important think about nature. Nature lures us back to our senses and refreshes our souls. I open up to the power of nature to heal. Using the technique of applying acrylic to canvas, I build up layers of paint. I push an area back by glazing or bring an area forward by dry brushing minute details. To create interest I add texture.

My colors are bold and bright. An intimate relationship is created by my compositions. Nature offers an endless learning experience. Nature supports us and is necessary for our existence and quality of life.

Exclusively available through the Venice Island Gallery
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