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Margaret Gallagher

Inspired Papyrus

Artist Statement


 As a mixed media artist I love to create and experiment.  My mixed media collages allow me great freedom to do this. I use a wide variety of techniques including painting,drawing, printmaking, collage formatting and photography.  I am a collector with a studio filled with old books, nautical charts, sheet music, greeting cards, wrapping paper and odd bits of ephemera.  Using these papers in my art, and plays into my strong sense of reusing and recycling.  


It often seems I am having a conversation with each piece I’m creating as I strive to find a balance of design, color and texture.  This conversation often results in the addition of embellishments such as shell, stones, dried flowers, buttons and other found objects.  Finally, many of my collages are paired with a carefully chosen inspirational quote in calligraphy, creating a piece of art with its own personality.  The sentiment set forward by each quote offers an opportunity to ponder over the composition of the art and the meaning of the words.  Life is full of wonders and challenges. I want my work to give the viewer a moment to pause and reflect on the world and their lives.

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