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Linda Eader

(Oils, Acrylic, Watercolor, and Alcohol Inks)

Ohio Born, Michigan Lived, Florida Based Artist.

I’ve always painted in Oils and Watercolor, and now Alcohol Inks!  I’m all about Vivid Color and Luminosity in my pieces!!!!  Nothing gets me more Excited!!!! 


I've loved Art for longer than I can even remember!  I recently found my First Grade Report Card in a box at my Parent’s home in Ohio. My Teacher had written "Exceptional Art Ability" on it.  Finding the report card felt like a sign from Mother who had just passed away. I'd always pursued painting and teaching art over the years but had given it up for other endeavors after moving to Florida. I needed to get back to my Art.  It was a good call because within 1 year I had sold many originals, won Award of Merit in an Exhibit at Venice Art Center for one of my Alcohol Inks, and was the featured artist in Florida Weekly magazine.  I am honored to have been selected to show my work in several Solo Gallery Shows which include Venice Theater, Grace Church, and Made in Italy.


Yes, my Art has taken on a high Priority…

a Colorful New Beginning!   

Exclusively at Venice Island Gallery

Summers Grace

Summer's Grace $85.00 6 x 6 Tile 12 x 12

Garden Party

Garden Party $45.00

Frog on a Log

Frog on a Log $45.00

Friends in Ocean

Friends in Ocean $125.00

Flamingo Flair

Flamingo Flair $60.00

Moonlit Pelican

Moonlit Pelican $45.00

Grouper Fun

Grouper Fun $55.00

Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business $95.00

Flamant Rose Seduisant

Flamant Rose Seduisant $60.00

Underwater Mardi Gras

Underwater Mardi Gras $125

Sassy Sea Sisters

Sassy Sea Sisters $140

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