Linda Ancil (Jewelry)

Lee Bailey (Acrylic Pouring)

Deborah Joy Baskall (Photography)

Rae Ann Bayless (Jewelry)

Linda Ben(Jewelry)

Linda Best(Mixed Medias)

Stephen Blumenthal (Oil Paintings)

Sue Briody (Watercolor) 

Barb Britton (Sea Glass Art)

Charlene Ciammaichelle 

(Basket Weaving, Gemstones in Sterling Silver)

David Coyle (Acrylic)

Donarae Dawson (Acrylic)

Patricia De Freeuw (Acrylic)

Karen De Hahn (Stained Glass)

Michele Dolce (jewelry)

Linda Eader (Alcohol Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil)

Susan Eckler (Jewelry)

Don Esposito (Acrylic Paintings)

Margaret Gallagher (Calligraphy)

Beverly Gerety (Jewelry)

Roberta Giannene (Paintings)

Mary Haller (Alcohol Ink)

Anne Harrison (Pen, Ink & Watercolors)

Raymond Hazel (Writer/Publisher)

Svoboda Holt (Acrylic Paintings)

Virginia Howell (photography)










Staci N. Jones (Horsehair Jewelry)

Dianne Kabicinski  (Shell Art)

Martha Karlovetz (Watercolor)

Marilyn Kazak (Watercolor)

Wanda Kelly (Watercolor)

Cora Kidd (Pottery)

Andrew Klein (Watercolors)

Dieter Lau (Digital Art)

Catherine Laudet (Watercolors)

Anne Lehane (Acrylic Pour Trays)

Joyce Mandera (Resin & Mixed Media)

Kristen Marino (Mixed Media)

Nancy McCune (Clay Jewelry/Pottery)

Jennifer Mc Dermott (Watercolor)

Matilda Mosleh  (Jewelry/Recycled Materials)

Leslie Novak (Watercolor)

Carol Osmond (Watercolor)

Dione Outlaw (Jewelry)

Elizabeth Pearsall (Photographer)

Karen Pestana (Watercolor)

Jayne Richards (Acrylic)

Fran Richardson (Watercolors)

Deb Ritchie (Acrylic)

Ronda Richley (Acrylic Paintings)

Judy Saltzman (Watercolors)

James Sealander (Acrylic)

Rachel Serva (Pottery)

Roger Smith (Oil Paintings)

Rebecca Spicer (Jewelry)

Carolyn Walega (Acrylic Paintings, Charcoal)

Donald White (Oil Paintings)

Caroline Whitmore (Watercolor)

Nancy Yarnall (Acrylic Paintings)







100-A W. Venice Avenue, Venice Florida 34285



Tuesday, Wednesday ,Thursday & 

Friday 11am/3pm

 Saturday 10am/ 3pm

Closed Sunday & Monday